About Fugo

Fugo is a company with 60 years of experience. Fugo, originally founded in 1962, operated only for the needs of the Konin Mine. Currently, it is owned by the Polish capital group LKR, which puts emphasis on maintaining the current quality and development of the company.

Fugo consists of two powerful renovation and manufacturing plants located in Konin and Zgorzelec with a total area of 50,000 m2 of production halls filled with highly specialized machines, allowing for the manufacturing of large-size structures weighing up to 70 tons.

In the course of development, Fugo has built a high-quality and specialized machine park, about which you can read more here, consisting of more than two hundred devices. Our machines, unique in the country and Europe, due to their size and accuracy, allow us to offer high-quality services to demanding customers from the maritime, transport, crane, military, port or municipal industries. We specialize in the implementation of projects for:
• Large-size steel structures
• Cranes (offshore cranes, port cranes, reloading gantries)
• Conveyor equipment

In 2021, we expanded our offer with waste containers with a capacity of 5 to 36 m3, as well as repairs of municipal equipment, like garbage trucks, dust-free vehicles or hooklifts.

As well we offer:
• Custom-made parts
• Custom-made gears
• Machining of metal elements
• Heat and thermo-chemical treatment
• Shot blasting and painting

We also offer renovation services, heat treatment or automatic welding services using a welding robot. Interesting facts about our projects: elements produced in Fugo can be found m.in in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on many ships or in Tri-City (Poland) port cranes.

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